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New Investors Are Trading Bitcoin While Hodlers Sit Tight

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Bitcoin hodlers with coins more than 3 years old are topping up their wallets with more, while new investors are trading their bitcoin holdings.

Recent research by Glassnode has depicted that only 5% of long term bitcoin investors or LTH (Long Term Holders) have traded their currency in the past few months. 95% of them are sitting tight on their possession.

The data from Glassnode’s week on-chain (Week 11,2021), suggested that the majority of the coins moving across on blockchain are ‘young ones’. The older BTC are still in the wallets of holders.

Investors with more than 3 years old bitcoin asset are purchasing more BTC, according to the report. Moreover, old investors have more coins in the current crypto market cycle compared to previous ones.

Compared to the 2016-17 cycle, both LTHs and STHs currently hold an equivalent volume of coins as they did around mid-2017. This cycle LTHs are actually coming from a higher base (hodling more coins) than in previous cycles, a result of increased coin issuance by miners, and a lengthy accumulation period through the bear since 2018. Source: Glassnode

Glassnode distinguishes between the LTH (Long Term Holders) and STH (Short Term Holders) based on how old their assets are. Wallets with 3+ years old BTC are LTH. On the other hand, wallets containing bitcoin mined within 155 days are STH.

STH are more actively trading coins due to a recent spike in the price which took BTC beyond $60K.

Bitcoin Hodlers Hold

LTHs have been through crypto bear markets in the past. So they are less likely to fall into fear upon slight Bitcoin price movements. Besides, the history of BTC makes it best for long term investment.

Bitcoin has increased more than twice in price this year. Besides, the currency quadrupled in 2020. Growing institutional support and interest of retail investors in BTC suggests that it is likely to rise in value with passing time. Henceforth, bitcoin hodlers hold!

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