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Polygon Now has Support of Mark Cuban

Polygon Blockchain
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A new crypto project has won the support of billionaire Mark Cuban. Polygon, an ethereum-based blockchain, recently had a mention on Mr. Cuban’s Companies Website. The holders of $MATIC are taking it as a positive sign.

The price of $MATIC has been increasing despite the overall slashing of the market. The coin has secured 13th position on the coin market cap. It is now trading at around $2.17 and has reached the all-time high value of $2.45 this week.

Polygon has been ascending to the top with its multi-chain calling solutions. It is specifically built for making the transactions on Ethereum Blockchain more efficient. The user base of Polygon has recently increased by more than 75,000 in only one week. Resultantly, a volume of $1 billion was added to the blockchain.

The two-layer solution offered by Polygon is attractive for many new users. It is efficient and works well for its defined area.

Billionaires Behind Crypto:

Billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have been putting their weight behind crypto projects for a long time now. Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban’s company, sells their merchandise for dogecoin. In this scenario, Mark’s backing of polygon exchange hardly comes as a surprise.

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Mark Cuban said the following about his companies’ involvement with Polygon:

I can give them feedback on marketing, and we are in the process of integrating polygon into, which we think will be very beneficial to creating a platform to extend NFTs and personal galleries.

The crypto-friendly billionaire is expected to bring many improvements to the already successful blockchain

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