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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoTrading Strategies?
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AutoTrading Strategies is a platform where cryptocurrency traders find all the needful resources in one place. It provides the following services:

What does ‘AutoTrading Strategies’ mean?
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The name AutoTrading Strategies is a combination of three words: Automated + Trading + Strategies. It suggests the main focus of this platform. You will see plenty of blogs about automated crypto trading over here. Additionally, our writers have written reviews on automated crypto trading bots as well.

Who are the people behind AutoTrading Strategies?
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The people behind AutoTrading Strategies are crypto traders and programmers. They have tons of experience in trading. Moreover, they are ready to impart knowledge and teach other people about the crypto market free of cost.

How do I know that this website is not a scam?
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AutoTrading Strategies never asks its visitors to send money or funds. The platform only guides users on technical stuff related to crypto trading. The work is completely transparent and you can always communicate with the team behind AutoTrading. Lastly, the analysis of coins and trading exchanges published on the website are writers’ own opinions. None of this should be taken as financial advice.

I am a beginner trader, how do I get the free resources?
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Register on the learn crypto page and select the free resource you want as a trade. Subsequently, our team will share the recordings of the free course, free coupon code for the bot and webinar recordings with you.

How do I send my queries?
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You can send your queries on the contact us form and our agent will promptly connect you with professional traders. Moreover, our social media channels are also active so you can message us there as well.

Does this platform have partners?
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Yes, there are multiple partners of AutoTrading Strategies. The partners help in improving the provision of service to the visitors. Please visit Become A Partner for more information.

Who can “become a partner”?
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Expert traders can become a partner of AutoTrading Strategies. They can offer their own products and services to interested folks on this platform. Please visit Become a Partner form.

What is the mission of AutoTrading Strategies?
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AutoTradings Strategies wants to spread awareness regarding the cryptocurrency market. We believe in the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. Hence, our mission is to facilitate mainstreaming of crypto. You can join us on this journey by becoming our partner.

Do you need an exchange account ?
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Our customers need to have an account on a crypto exchange. We will cater to them according to the account details. Beginners in the trading business will be given training on how to get started. Customers with a history of big trades and profits will learn more techniques and methods of quadrupling their earnings.

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