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Crypto Trading Signals: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Crypto trading signals
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Are you thinking of using crypto trading signals for you next trade move? If yes, then this article is for you. Let’s dive deep into the nature of trading signals. This will help us understand which one’s to trust.

Crypto trading is hard and complex. You never know which way the market is going to swing. Crypto traders need to be on their toes all the time for making the right move. However, Crypto trading signals can prove to be a breath of fresh air in the suffocatingly volatile crypto market.

Introduction to crypto trading signals:

Crypto trading signals are triggers sent out to the potential buyer. The signal tells the buyer which coins to buy or sell, the ideal price for buying or selling, and the stop-loss price.

The provider of crypto trading signals uses technical analysis, the latest news, and market sentiments as the basis for an issued signal. You can also signup for crypto signals from an expert crypto trader.

There are numerous signal providers in the market. All of them use their own set of unique factors. Sometimes signals come free while other times you need to subscribe to them for a certain fee. As a trader, opt for signals with a proven record of success.

List of Crypto Trading Signals:

Here are the different types of crypto trading signals that traders can receive:

1. Buy/Sell:

This signal indicates whether it is time to buy a coin or sell it. Take the action according to suggestions.

2. Which coin to buy/sell:

The second type of trading signal suggests which coin to buy or sell. For example, signals may suggest the purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple.

3. Price:

The crypto signals will suggest the price at which to buy or sell. The price will either be equal to the current market price or slightly above or below. As soon as a signal is issued for a coin then you need to immediately take action in order to take advantage of the suggested price. Because the crypto market is really volatile. If you take even a few seconds in the execution of an order after the signal goes off, the price will change.

If you can’t sit in front of the computer all the time to catch signals then automated trade can solve your problem. Just resort to buying an automated trading bot like digiebot. Digiebot will execute the order within the blink of an eye giving you the edge over all human traders.

4. Take Profit or Stop-Loss Signals:

The signal providers give take profit and stop-loss order along with every signal. The trader uses them to protect money. By using take profit trade and stop-loss trade will close on its own at certain points. The trader will be free from the worry of losing money in case of unfavorable market movement.

5. More Analysis:

Crypto trading signals provide additional information to traders. This includes trailing stop-loss, a timestamp for closing trade, and analysis behind a certain kind of signals. Also, they can help with risk management.

How to Receive Crypto Signals:

At this stage, you might be wondering how you can get these crypto trading signals. The answer is that there are multiple avenues. Firstly, you can receive crypto trading signals from groups on telegram. This is one of the popular methods of getting crypto signals. Telegram is basically a messaging service app. It has excellent bot functionality. Telegram bots handle messages automatically. There are both paid groups available on the telegram which provide signals to subscribers. Here we will be discussing the top three signals provider groups in 2020.

The second method of getting crypto signals is through crypto signal providers. These are the service providers who issue signals based on analysis by professionals or trading bot. We will discuss 5 popular signal providers here.

Crypto signal providers in 2020:

For getting started make your account telegram. Reach out to admins of different crypto trading signal provider groups. You can sign up with them on the basis of subscription plans. Afterward, you will start receiving signals in the form of notifications.

Here are the best crypto trading signal provider groups on telegram:

Pro Crypto Signals:

This group provides short-term, midterm, and long term signals. Besides, traders receive signals in both BTC and USD pairs. Pro Crypto signals also provide Binance, Bittrex, and Poleinex signals. These three are the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Pro crypto keeps traders well informed of recent market movement with regular signaling. It consistently provides Altcoin and Bitcoin signals for different types of traders. Additionally, there are free signals for group members who aren’t paying.

Users can chat with experienced traders in exclusive VIP chat rooms. This support is available 24/7 for all subscribers. You can learn from professionals about trading strategies. In turn, your trade will become a success sooner than later.

Pro crypto signals also provide a monthly report on crypto signals triggered by them. Furthermore, profits are calculated against those signals.  This makes the whole process very transparent and reliable.


Another telegram crypto signal service is Coinsignals. They provide services in BTC based pairs, USD based pairs, and USDT based pairs. Technical analysis is the basis for all signals. Besides, both short term and mid-term signals from professional traders are sent out.

It is usually not a good strategy to use multiple exchanges while trading with the help of signals. A trader doing this will lose while trying to avail profit through arbitrage across many platforms. Hence the few the better. That’s why Coinsignals only has a presence in Binance, BitMEX, and Bittrex.

Coinsignal provides the best free crypto signals service to traders. However, these signals are restricted to Bitcoin only. By subscribing to their services, users can get Altcoin signals too.

Like Pro Crypto signals, Coinsinals too provide VIP chatroom service and monthly profit review.

Universal Crypto Signals:

Universal Crypto signals group on telegram provides Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals. This covers close to 90 percent of the trade volume in the crypto market. Hence traders won’t have to use other exchanges. Besides, you get signals in Bitcoin, and pairs of BTC/USD/USDT.

The best thing about Universal Crypto Signals is that they provide on-demand signals. This means that technical analysis is done for signal service that the trader asks for.

Here are some of the direct signal providers for the crypto market. They provide services through websites:


4c trading has a team of highly professional traders. They provide quality signals and teach risk management to their customers. The goal of help is to increase your capital in the long term. Furthermore, it offers bot services for automating your trade.

4c traders want customers to improve their skills rather than being entirely dependent on the signal provider. This increases the chances of success in the future. Hence we will urge users to enter in long term subscriptions with this service provider. 4c trading also has a Telegram channel to benefit from.


Whaletank is another crypto signal provider. They have an active site where customers can interact and learn the trade. Whaletank provides risk management, and signals to customers on both the telegram channel and website dashboard. Additionally, traders can sign up for free to start and get free signals.

Free signals are a great way to understand how the service provider caters to customers. Later on, you can subscribe with a 0.05 BTC fee for two months. However, the money is totally worth it. You will get signals in Binance exchange and BitMEX.

Whaletank also gives Altcoin project analysis.


DigieBot is automated trading software. It is built by a team of professionals who have feathers of successful trades in their hat. DigieBot provides excellent manual trading signals. You can use them for increasing your returns on trade.

Benefits of Availing Signal Provider Services:

Here are some of the benefits attached to using signals:

  • Signals will help you quadruple your income. With the right moves, you will always be ahead of everyone else.

  • Traders waste a lot of time in researching and analyzing stuff. However, with signals, you can save that time and jump to the execution of orders.

  • Availing signal provider’s services give you a great opportunity to learn from experts. You can sometimes get to read the analysis behind certain signals and learn how they work.


Signals are great tools of help in the crypto trading business. Do your research for the review and reputation of a signal provider. Beware of scammers, there are a lot out there. However, once you have subscribed to a trusted provider then wait for sometimes. Remember, that impulsive behavior can cause more harm than good. So, Control your emotions and wait for your sweetest reward.

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