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Earn Crypto Without Investment

Earn Crypto
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Cryptocurrency is money created through the complex procedure of cryptography. The technology is almost a decade old now. There are 5,000 different types of earn crypto available in the market. The defi enthusiasts are trying their best to mainstream digital currencies. However, it still has a few years before the crypto is adopted at the governmental level.

If you aren’t living under a rock then you probably have already heard of bitcoin. It is the king of digital currency. It has made some people ridiculously rich in a short amount of time. If you want to learn the use and importance of crypto then right now is a perfect time. You can buy crypto from any popular crypto exchange. Nonetheless, people who don’t want to directly invest in crypto also have a chance to experience the magic. Remember, many cryptocurrencies may be worth pennies at the start. But, subsequently, the sky is the limit for value. This did happen with bitcoin. So, pay attention and learn 7 easy ways to earn crypto without investment.

1. Free Crypto (Airdrops):

Earning Crypto for free may sound like a clickbait line but it isn’t. There are ways in which you can earn free crypto. The best one so far is airdrop. Airdrops are done by a company introducing a new cryptocurrency. They drop a few tokens in an individual’s wallet. Later on, the coins can gain value and you will be able to get profit by selling them on exchanges. Airdrop is very famous among the crypto community. However, you need to be vigilant as there are a good number of scam airdrops as well. You can learn more about airdrops on this blog.

2. Get Crypto Paying Job:

Don’t have money to buy crypto, no problem. Provide your services in the blockchain industry and get crypto as remuneration. There multiple positions available against different skillset. For instance, a new defi venture may hire a community manager, writer, or customer representative to get the ship sailing. You can get on board and earn crypto while working full time or part-time. People with a coding background are much more likely to get hired in the blockchain.

3. Marketing for Exchanges & Companies:

Affiliate marketing is an effective technique for earning commissions. You can use it to earn crypto. Send potential customers to exchanges and blockchain projects and get rewarded. Essentially, during ICO’s exchanges offer tokens in exchange for referrals. So, keep yourself updated regarding happenings in the blockchain. You can easily earn crypto free through helping a company grow its clients.

4. Learn and Earn:

It is the most efficient way of earning cryptocurrency. But, for this, you have to be very smart and hardworking. We all know that the crypto market is volatile. Traders in the market rely on technical analysis for making trading moves. You can learn to read charts and come up with profit-making strategies for traders. As a reward, you can earn crypto for free. Technical analysis only needs time and talent. You don’t need to do any other kind of investment. Additionally, starting a signal provider group on telegram can help you earn an increasing amount of clients every day who are willing to pay as well.

5. Bounties:

You can invest your time and effort to do something for a company in the blockchain. As a result, there is a chance to earn crypto. The most common type of bounty is when you find a bug in companies’ operational services. Exchanges usually pay this kind of bounty in dollars. However, you can ask the crypto exchange to compensate you in crypto.

6. Lending:

If you already have crypto then you can use it to earn more for free. There are certain websites that allow the lending of crypto. You can offer coins as a loan and earn crypto in the form of interest. Later on, you can draw the original asset from the site. However, you have to be extremely careful when lending. There are many scam sites that take the money and never return. So only put the currency on trustworthy sites

7. Gambling:

Gambling can only be utilized if your country and state allow it. There are online gamblings where you can earn crypto. Nonetheless, the risk is very high with it. Hence, go for gambling if you really are a master of the craft.


Cryptocurrency is available only in the code form. You can use it to buy stuff as well as trade it to earn a profit. Economists consider crypto a safe haven equivalent to gold. Today is the right time to invest in this currency. However, if you are skeptical then you can earn crypto for free with the above-mentioned techniques. Subsequently, a portfolio can be built once you are comfortable with its use.

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