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Another Day, Another Crypto Scam

Crypto Scam
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Another day, another crypto scam. Crypto Hackers managed to hack the official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts of the British Army on Sunday. They started posting phishing links for draining funds out of the victims’ wallets.

Crypto hacks are the bane of the crypto market. These continue to plague the industry and the social media giants seem to be helpless against hackers. On Sunday, British Army’s social media accounts were used by hackers to promote rip-offs of Non-Fungible Tokens.

The scam went on for four hours. At one point, about 19K people were viewing the videos live streaming on the British Army’s YouTube channel by hackers. These streams had common themes like Elon Musk’s Face on Thumbnail and the stream providing a QR code to some phishing site.

The Twitter account of the British Army was rebranded as the NFT collection page. It posted tweets with phishing links. The Ministry of Defense took back control after some time and deleted all the posts.

It is yet not revealed who was behind the attack and how the breach occurred. The MOD’s press account hinted at the undergoing investigation.

Crypto is the heaven of scammers. The anonymous nature of BTC addresses makes it impossible to trace who is receiving the money. Close to $1 billion were lost in crypto scams in 2021. This year too hacks and breaches on exchanges have led to millions of dollars in losses.

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Another Day, Another Crypto Scam

Another day, another crypto scam Crypto Hackers managed to hack the official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts of the British Army on Sunday They started posting phishing

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