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Crypto Markets Surge With Significant Gains

Crypto Surge
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Crypto markets surge on Thursday, January 4th taking the total market cap for crypto above a Trillion USD one more time. 

All digital coins are having significant gains of 5-20% in the past 24 hours. The price of bitcoin is near $38K. Whereas, ether has made history today by hitting the all-time high value of $1,697. Currently, the price is slightly down to $1,670.

For investor’s delight, digital coins are bullish since Wednesday. The price of BTC had a 5.5% jump yesterday taking it above $37K. The total crypto-economy is highest ever with worth $1.14 Trillion at the moment.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin’s Share:

Crypto markets surge in response to bitcoin’s upward rally. This currency is responsible for $70 Billion in the total market cap. The current price of BTC is $37,850 with the gains of 4.2% in the past 24 hours. On the whole, the bitcoin price has increased by 20% in the week. Supporters of crypto are positive that the currency will hit the $40K marker very soon.

Bitcoin Chart
Source: Trading View

The institutional support, investors’ confidence and social sentiments are responsible for the second phase of bitcoin bull rally.

Ethereum’s Share:

Ethereum released an update in 2020. With ETH 2.0 in business, analysts expected 2021 to be the year of ETH. Certainly, we have an excellent start here.

The price of ether entered triple figures in December 2020. It secured a spot in the top 100 assets of the world in January. Moreover, this week Ether has reached the all-time high value.

Source: Trading View

Ethereum offers much more than a medium for value exchange. It is a decentralized platform where business owners can build their own applications using smart protocols. This utilization factor will take ether’s price to the next level in the coming months.

Crypto’s bullish rally will once again make the news attracting new investors. This will likely decrease the volatility of the market. Thus, we can expect the cryptocurrency industry to hold strong footing this year in the financial arena.

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