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Google Trends Show Record Searches of ‘Buy Crypto’

Buy Crypto
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Google trends show a jump in ‘buy crypto‘ searches this week. The discussion about crypto is increasing in all financial circles.

The year 2021 is the year of buying crypto. The economic recessions of last year brought by coronavirus pandemic made people search for a new asset. Crypto being around for a decade, caught the attention of both small and big investors. Wall Street investors like Paul Tudor Jones started investing in Bitcoin. Besides, many analysts including critics of crypto had to concede that bitcoin is a ‘safe-haven‘. Thus, we ushered into an era of crypto adoption.

Crypto bull market kick-started in December 2020. In the month of January, we saw hustle and bustle in crypto circles as new buyers entered the market.

The Google trend results are an epitome of rising interest in crypto. The searches of ‘buy crypto’ are highest since the early half of January 2018. The keyword has a trend score of 100. This indicates maximum relative interest.

Crypto has made news every other day for the past couple of weeks now. The institutional adoption, crypto regulations and crypto-related activity on social sites frequently brought crypto in limelight. Recently, Elon Musk put bitcoin in his Twitter bio making the coin increase $5000 in value within minutes.

Crypto Records:

Crypto market made numerous records in January. Here are a few of them.

  1. The market value of cryptocurrency reached one Trillion dollars for the first time in history.
  2. Bitcoin’s price reached the all-time high peak of $42K on January 8th.
  3. Ether, the second most popular cryptocurrency, reached the all-time high value.
  4. More than 223 million bitcoin wallet addresses were actively buying and selling the currency.
  5. The federal government of the United States gave a nod for blockchain adoption for the first time in history.

Businesses are realizing the potential of crypto in this year. Soon, we will see an ever-increasing retail activity in this arena.

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