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NFT Artists Can Sell their Services on Freelance Site

NFT Artists
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The talented NFT artists can now work as freelancers on this crypto-focused site and sell their services to those who are interested.

The NFT craze isn’t over. New players are venturing into this arena. The latest addition is

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs serve as magnificent fundraising and marketing tools. On, businesses can get to promote their products and services along with brand recognition by leveraging the services of NFT artists. There is an NFT category with 11 remarkable artists on the website. and Blockchain Heroes recently started working on NFTs together. Blockchain heroes is a site where collectible cards can be traded. It was launched in August 2020. There is a total of 50 superheroes in their series.

The marketing manager of Anytask, Jonathan Marriott, said the following about its platform’s NFT venture.

The AnyTask Platform is incredibly excited to get involved at ground level. Whilst the big players await their entry into this exciting and fascinating new space, why not get involved yourself and start your very own series of NFTs with the help of Neto and many other artists, found at

Freelance NFT Artists:

There are plenty of people interested in creating their own NFTs as the prices of NFT crypto art reach the sky. However, coming up with appealing images or illustration is difficult. Now, with, you can hire a talented artist for creating your NFT piece.

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Mr. Marriott encouraged digital artists to get into the collectibles industry. Any artist can easily sign up as a seller on and open an income stream for themselves. is a freelance site just like Upwork and Fiverr. Sellers can create their profiles and add completed projects to their portfolios. Nevertheless, the site doesn’t charge any commission from the service delivering party.

NFT sales have sky-rocketed in 2021. The total trading volume for NFT crossed $320 million in the past month only.

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