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Get Paid in Bitcoin on Twitter

Get Paid in Bitcoin
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Content creators can now get paid in bitcoin on Twitter. The platform introduced the bitcoin tipping feature on Thursday. 

Twitter rolled out the tipping feature as a test back in May. It allowed creators to receive payments from their followers as a tip for their content. On Thursday, the company announced that all Apple iOS users can start the tipping this week. However, Android users will have this feature available to them in the coming weeks.

Now that users can get paid in bitcoin, we might see a decline in fiat currency tipping. Twitter users could previously tip their favorite creators using PayPal’s Venmo and Square’s Cash app.

Strike bitcoin wallet services will be integrated with Twitter so users can receive their bitcoin tips. Users can also add their bitcoin address to send and receive crypto tips directly in their wallets. The social media platform will charge no transaction fee for the tips.

Twitter is considered a crypto-friendly platform with its CEO, Jack Dorsey, a huge proponent of bitcoin. Mr. Dorsey has been experimenting with Bitcoin Mining. He expressed the following at Bitcoin 2021 conference,

“Bitcoin changes absolutely everything,…I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on.”

Other Features:

With a leader bullish on Bitcoin, Twitter is aiming at introducing more blockchain-induced features on the platform. The team is experimenting with a feature that would allow users to showcase and authenticate their collections of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). This step will support the creators of digital art.

Bitcoin is swiftly becoming a reality of finance. Many corporate industries are adapting to the changing scenario. We will see more crypto-friendly endeavors in the coming weeks.

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