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Bitcoin Hits $50K For the First Time

Bitcoin hits $50K for the first time in history on Tuesday The widespread adoption of cryptocurrency by institutions played a major role in pushing the currency to the new

crypto market

Big Companies are Embracing Bitcoin

Bitcoin hit a record high value of 48,364 USD on Thursday following the news of Mastercard Inc and Bank of New York Mellon Corp introducing cryptocurrencies in their services

crypto market

Bitcoin Is Grabbing Attention Of Wall Street

Giant players from the financial services industry are embracing Bitcoin The news of Tesla, Mastercard Inc and BNY Mellon in the digital currency made BTC price close in on

crypto market

‘Toddler Hodler’ Musk Buys $DOGE For His Son

'And still, it moves' The price of $DOGE keeps spiking as Elon Musk incessantly tweets about the currency The meme coin is winning Dogecoin price is consistently surging with

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Dogecoin Is Down But Not Dead

Dogecoin is down in the crypto market and on social media However, it is not dead yet  $DOGE hit 008 USD yesterday The crypto euphoria and greedy sentiments of the market

crypto market

Crypto Investors Are Extremely Greedy Today

The 'crypto fear and greed index' is depicting that investors are extremely greedy at the moment Metrics published by alternativeme showed a value of 92 on Wednesday, February

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Bitcoin Price Hits $47K With 20% Increase in 24 Hours

Bitcoin price has hit a new all-time high of $47K on February 9th The surge of over 20% is the result of Tesla's $15 billion investment in BTC The crypto enthusiast

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Indian Crypto Companies Launch #IndiaWantsBitcoin Campaign

The big cryptocurrency exchanges of India have launched the #IndiaWantsBitcoin campaign to raise awareness regarding cryptocurrency The Indian government is expected to

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Dogecoin Army Is Growing

Dogecoin army is growing bigger and bigger with every passing day Snoop Dogg and Gene simons along with Elon Musk are now tweeting about DOGE Dogecoin pump has been

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