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Dogecoin to the Moon: Current Statistics

Elon Musk sent Dogecoin to the Moon with his Simba style tweet yesterday After a frenzied upward surge last week, this is the second time $DOGE is on the rise ur welcome

crypto market

Dogecoin Surges 50% After Tweets From Elon Musk

Dogecoin surges around 50% in value following the tweets from Elon Musk The traders and dogecoin hodlers are thanking Elon for his intervention  The meme coin is making

crypto market

Crypto Markets Surge With Significant Gains

Crypto markets surge on Thursday, January 4th taking the total market cap for crypto above a Trillion USD one more time  All digital coins are having significant gains of

crypto market

The Expected Dogecoin Dump is Here

After a week of speculative mania, the dogecoin dump has finally settled in Traders are now getting the taste of a downward price trend Social sentiment and crowd mania

crypto market

Google Trends Show Record Searches of ‘Buy Crypto’

Google trends show a jump in 'buy crypto' searches this week The discussion about crypto is increasing in all financial circles The year 2021 is the year of buying crypto The

crypto market

Bitcoin Bull Rally May Start Soon

The current events suggest that bitcoin bull rally may start soon The corporate sector is investing in bitcoin which will push BTC price to new heights in the upcoming

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Active Bitcoin Addresses Hit Record In January

The record number of 223 million bitcoin addresses were active throughout the month of January The said accounts were involved in sending and receiving BTC January was a

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GameStop Mania and the Power Of Internet

A Reddit group, by the name of wallstreetbets, made the stock price of GameStop go up by 700% within a week This resulted in a loss for hedge funds and short-sellers on wall

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Dogecoin to Bitcoin: Elon Causes $5K Jump in Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin jumps $5K in minutes following Elon Musk's advertisement of the currency on Twitter The price went from $31K to $36K Dogecoin to Bitcoin: Elon is winning Elon Musk,

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